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The Berlin Institute for Financial Market Research (BIF) is specialized in the study of financial market related issues. Our aim is to provide our clients with a well-grounded analysis that gives them a clear view of the practical options and scenarios and also empowers them to cushion the impact of social frictions and economic fault lines.

High volatility and price instability are the structural hallmarks of financial markets. The far-reaching effects of a fall in real estate values, share prices and exchange rates across advanced countries, emerging markets and developing countries - of the type that has been so much in evidence in recent years - is a compelling illustration of the high degree of risk which financial markets bring with them for companies, banks and institutional investors.

The impact of financial market transactions is by no means limited to those actors directly involved in them. National and international financial markets are closely intermeshed with national goods and labour markets which must frequently absorb and assimilate the unwanted economic, social and ecological effects which financial markets cause. Above all, the assimilation and adaptation processes triggered by financial market transactions severely limit the scope of economic policy-making by government, regulatory authorities and collective bargaining partners.


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