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In its blend of specific areas of interest, applied methodology and form of organization, the Berlin Institute for Financial Market Research (BIF) is unique and unrivalled anywhere in Germany.

BIF is an institute for the analysis of financial market related issues with a special focus on macroeconomics. The common ground shared by our projects is that they all deal with issues in which real or potential economic fractures and the adaptation processes needed to deal with them on financial, goods and labour markets are coupled with the evolution of development perspectives and optimal reform opportunities. This also includes evaluation of the institutional setting of international financial market architecture and the governance of financial institutions. Issues of how reform processes are to be designed and the ability of economic policy-makers to effectively steer them further extend the outreach of the critical environment in which the financial market related projects and studies of BIF are rooted.

A further core element in the make-up of BIF is that its approach is grounded in the tradition of J M Keynes and H Minsky. The strength of such an approach is that it emphasizes monetary aspects of market processes, qualitative differentiation of financial markets from goods and labour markets, and integration of the interplay between these markets. This means that monetary and exchange rate policy, fiscal policy, income policy and their associated casts of actors are at the forefront of our projects.

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